Recover Account: SirThane

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Recover Account: SirThane

Postby SirThane » Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:09 pm

HTF:DD User: SirThane
Version installed: 1.1.1 (Update May 24,2014)
Date installed: November 22, 2016
Device: iPhone 6s Plus
iOS version: 10.1.1 (14B100)

I deleted the app from my phone to troubleshoot the issue I detailed in thread 152. When I reinstalled, I noticed the Facebook button in the top left corner that says Existing Account on the new user character select screen. When I click it, it redirects to Facebook, then back to HTF:DD on the character select screen, but none of my currently unlocked characters were available. The Existing Account Facebook button is now a back button. If I click it, it flashes the map select menu briefly, then goes back to the new user character select screen to start all over.

If I select a character after using the Facebook button, it populates with my Facebook name. No matter what name I enter, when I click Okay, it resets to the new user state. If I select a character without using the Facebook button and enter the name SirThane, it says that name is already taken and unavailable to use.

Right now, I am unable to access my currently existing SirThane account. Please help.
HTF:DD version 1.1.1
iPhone 6s Plus - iOS 10.1.1

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