Understand a man Baby, say whatever you want!

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Understand a man Baby, say whatever you want!

Postby AdsanFes » Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:10 am

How many times can a person orgasm


Erogenous zones - seduce a man: male hot spots
Pure pleasure: He goes completely off!
Erogenous zones: 1. penis, perineum, testicles
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Needless to say, the male genital area is extremely sensitive to touch. Not only the penis but also the testicles, perineum and the area between the navel and the genitals belong to the man's most erotic hot spot. So, woman is well advised to devote herself extensively to this erogenous zone. Whether stroking, crawling, kissing or licking - he will certainly succumb to your touches with relish.
Erogenous zones: 2. Hands and fingers
Hands and fingers are full of nerve endings and are accordingly sensitive - although usually not adjusted to tingling eroticism. You can change that by gently stroking and kissing the palms or nestling your cheeks. Particularly promising: licking and sucking on his fingers - this should only fuel his imagination even more ...
Erogenous zones: 3. The neck
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To be scratched on the neck awakens in many a man the desire to purr like a cat - or rather like a big tiger. Even slight bites in the erogenous zone can trigger interesting reactions.
Erogenous zones: 4. The ears
Then you can test whether his ears are also susceptible to erotic pats. Nibble on the earlobes, run along behind the pinna and try out whether he finds your tongue games just ticklish or rather exciting.
Erogenous zones: 5. Feet and toes
Feet and toes are similar to erogenous zones as the hands. In the bathtub, they are particularly easy to discover relaxed (and guaranteed without the incomparable sneaker aroma). Basically, if he is ticklish, you can also awaken erotic feelings here - they just have to find the right touch intensity.
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Erogenous zones: 6. Nipples
The own nipples are high-erogenous in some men, in others again rather minor matter. In which of these categories your sweetheart belongs, you can find out only by trial and error. But that's worth it: Not a few men land by sucking and pinching on their nipples enchanted in the seventh sex heaven.
Erogenous zones: 7. Lips and mouth
Lips and mouth are also full of nerve endings that crave for contact. Whether by kissing, nibbling or stroking: Erogenous zones like these you should always caress extensively.
Erogenous zones: 8th thigh
Male thighs are just as sensitive as your own, especially on the insides. Gentle stroking, but also stronger handles make him fast for more.
Erogenous zones: 9. Po
The butt is not only a sex object (if it is nice and crunchy), but also an erogenous zone. Whether tender stroking or strong pinching: Hardly a man leaves it cold, if you lovingly devote your back.
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