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Lost streak

Postby CRANB3RRY » Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:06 pm

I frequently switch between two devices while playing Deadeye Derby, and usually it is easily done with little hiccups or errors. However, I decided to let my sister play on a guest account then logged on the same device with my Facebook. I confirmed the merge, but it said I only had two lives although I hadn't played on my account in the last few hours. Then I tried to continue my streak in one of the events, but it had wiped my entire streak! It didn't even register that I had played in that event before! I was in second with a streak over forty, but all of it was lost when I confirmed the merge! Is there a reason for this glitch and is there anything that can be helped about lost information when logging in to different devices?

On this same note, on my phone I purchased Handy with my diamonds but on my iPad it says I never did. This is very disappointing because I use him the most except for this event that I'm using Toothy. This issue has not corrected itself over the past week or so! I would appreciate any sort of help on the issue!
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